Who We Are

We have over 30 years of on hand experience.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients customised solutions without compromising service.

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Our Story

Izwi started in the early 2000’s by a group of friends to address the need for high-speed internet

Initially to provide file sharing, shared internet access and network gaming experience. This network expanded exponentially and morphed into a fully fledged ISP network.

In 2010 we started building our microwave route from Teraco Isando to Thabazimbi, Limpopo. We provided the first internet connection without the use of old incumbent providers by the end of 2010. We have since completed multiple additional microwave and fibre routes. We now have over 30 years of on hand experience, providing turnkey solutions to any telecom or IT challenge.

Our Story

We pride ourselves in providing excellent uptime and connection quality in some of the harshest and challenging landscapes in
South Africa.

In 2021 the decision was made to merge with our managed service solution company, Avalon Technology Group to bolster Izwi Technology Group’s ability to deliver MSP Services via the Izwi Network.

Today our network has expanded into multiple connection types, mediums and areas. We are a neutral telecoms provider working with many resellers and IT\Telecom Companies to solve their connectivity challenges.

Our Network

Our network core is housed at Teraco Data Centres based in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This allows us to provide excellent uptime and connectivity options.

We are interconnected with all major undersea internet cables, fibre providersand network exchanges. We peer at NAP Africa and JINX. We have multipledirect peering sessions with all major providers in South Africa.

Our network core had an average uptime of 99.999% over the last 10 years.All areas of our networks are connected by redundant routes back to our core.

Our Motto

Intensity Equals Results

Without intense focus, delivery times and client service you do not get the required results to move your business forward.

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