Number porting

Number Porting

Porting allows you the freedom to change from your current service provider to a more cost effective voice solution without losing your number. The process is quick, easy and non disruptive. All that is required is a reliable broadband internet connection.

Cheaper call rates
Single fixed line provider
Month to month contract
Client Zone access
Fast service response
Wide range of services
Which numbers can I port?

A geographic telephone number is a number that starts with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05. We presently allow for the porting of geographic numbers from Telkom and vice versa.

Numbers starting with 080, 086 or 087 cannot be ported.
Why can’t I port my 086/087 number?

The Law and Regulations regarding number portability do not allow for this. We are ready and willing to support this as soon as the regulator amends the regulations to allow for it.
How long does porting take?

Up to three working days for one or more individual numbers.

Up to ten working days for blocks of 100, 1,000 or 10,000 consecutive numbers, where a business or wholesale customer is concerned.
What happens to my existing Service when I port?

Your existing line will be cancelled once the port is complete. Any other services provided on the same line (e.g. ADSL access) may be cancelled as well. This may be subject to the individual contract conditions that were negotiated with your previous service provider e.g. cancellation notice period.
How do I know if the number I’m phoning is Ported?

The network you are calling will play three short beeps before connecting the call if the number has been ported to a different network. Cross-network rates may apply when a number has been ported off the network.

The beeps will not, however, be played if the number has been ported to the same network you are calling from an on-network rate applies.
How do I order a number to be Ported?

We require a signed letter addressed to your current telecommunications provider requesting the following: “Please port the following numbers to Switch Telecom” and list the exact numbers to be ported. Please ensure that this letter is provided on a company letterhead if the porting required is for a business. In addition a complete phone account (all pages, not just the cover page)

If the port is to be future-dated, the letter should state the requested date (weekdays only) on which the port should be processed.

Call us on 010 500 1414 or email support@izwi.co.za for further information.
Voip Line

VoIP Line

VoIP is a technology that provides a telephone service over your wired or wireless broadband Internet connection. A VoIP Line is a direct line service used in conjunction with a VoIP telephone (desktop/cordless) or phone adapter (ATA). A VoIP service, unlike traditional fixed lines, can be moved without requiring a change of telephone number. We can supply either geographic or non-geographic numbers or alternatively you can keep your existing number and port it.

One phone number
Call forwarding
Receive concurrent calls
Call waiting


* A VoIP Telephone / Analogue Phone Adapter
* A reliable broadband internet connection.

SIP Protocol
Free Fax-to-Email
Free voicemail-to-email
Cheaper call rates
Maintain your number

VoIP Trunk

A VoIP Trunk is a multi-line service used in conjunction with either a VoIP switchboard, or, a gateway device connected to a traditional switchboard. A single telephone number is provided for inbound service.

The VoIP Trunk service can be provisioned to include from 4 up to 120 channels making it suitable in both small and large businesses as well as call centres. It can be upgraded at any time without interruption to service.

One phone number
Call forwarding
Receive concurrent calls
Call waiting


* Hosted Switchboard or Compatible VoIP switchboard
*Compatible VoIP gateway
* Reliable broadband internet connection.

Upgradeable to include DDI

Direct Dial-In (DDI) is a multi-line service that includes a range of telephone numbers to facilitate direct dialling towards multiple extensions.

It is used in conjunction with either a hosted switchboard, a VoIP switchboard, or, a gateway device connected to a traditional switchboard.

SIP or IAX2 Protocols
Free Fax-to-Email
Cheaper call rates
Keep your main number
Multiple Codec support
Hosted Switchboard

Hosted Switchboard

A fully managed & customisable switchboard solution. No upfront costs because you do not need to purchase a physical device and there is no installation fee. The only cost to you is a monthly service. One of the key advantages is that extensions can be located either within a single office or at various sites. Each extension requires a VoIP-enabled telephone.

If you want to work from home for a day simply unplug your phone from the office network, take it home with you, and plug it in at home; your calls will seamlessly follow your phone and you can still transfer calls to/from your colleagues as you would normally. Incoming calls can hunt across extensions in different cities allowing multiple offices to function as one. Best of all, this service is much cheaper than the cost of purchasing or renting a traditional switchboard despite offering functionality only found on the most advanced traditional switchboards.

Automated attendant
Call forwarding (incl. on extentions)
Pin Codes per extension
Call recording (Optional)
Time based call routing
Call Detail Records
Call diverts (incl. during service downtime)
Voice mail for each extension
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Call Queuing
Free internal calls
Customizable call flow