Liquid Fibre to the Business


Enterprise service for large businesses requiring reliable uptime and high speeds

  • Enterprise Service

  • 1:1 Unconnected

  • 50 - 1000 Mbps Speeds

  • 99% SLA

SME \ Home - Uncapped Broadband


A wireless broadband package with no set data amount. Uncapped packages are aimed for the user dependent on a lot of bandwidth, due to high volume downloads, streaming, etc. Speeds of up to 20 Mbps can be expected.

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Enterprise Service


Izwi Coms makes it easier than anyone else to ensure you have the right communications infrastructure underpinning your services, or your customer’s services in this age of spiralling bandwidth consumption and mobility. Our unique experience of building some of the most reliable, secure public and private networks and services ensures unbeatable project delivery.

VoIP matters to us…What matters to you?

One fact about modern life that can’t be disputed is how busy everyone is. There are always more emails, more meetings, more places to be and more people to connect with. In general, we feel that we have to persevere to do more and be more both at work and at home.


At Izwi Coms, we realize that your time is a precious commodity. We also understand that you would prefer to spend your time on things that matter to you.

Designing, customizing and maintaining VoIP communication solutions matter to us. We offer a wide range of cost-effective VoIP solutions that will keep you connected yet still afford you the luxury of time.